Basic start up mistakes

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The article will help you know the basic mistakes that every entrepreneur should consider and avoid during the entrepreneurship. It is always better to be safe than sorry so read these guidelines very carefully to avoid failures in business. Like Patrick Mackaronis, the famous Internet entrepreneur everybody can be successful if we have a clear vision.

If you look at the history of Patrick Mackaronis, you will come to know that he was interested in marketing right from the beginning. Let us look at the common start up mistakes.

Having only one founder

Ideally, the start up should consist of more than one founder. The reason is credibility. If the start up has more than one founder it becomes easy to diversify the entire work.  It is always better to have founders with different backgrounds so that each one of them has different ideas for the business.

Wrong location

Location is a crucial factor. If your business premise is located where there is no accessibility for the clients to approach you. Make sure you move to a happening city or location so that you get good returns for your investments.

Handling multiple things at one time

One of the major issues with start ups is that they engage in doing multiple things at one time. This leads to distractions and the focus required on the tasks to be completed gets reduced. Start with something small and then slowly try to move to something big.

Hiring employees for your business

Normally, it takes around 2-3 months to find a right person based on your location and hire him.  Do not stop interviewing as it is a difficult task to find the right talent, of course nothing is impossible.

Lack of enough funds

There are always unexpected expenses in start ups and keeping this in mind make sure you keep your expenses as limited as possible.


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