Knowing more about Pokémon game

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Knowing more about Pokémon game

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Pokémon Go games are quite interesting for people who love playing games online. The game lovers can go on and on playing the games and it is kind of an addiction that is never ending. Well, we cannot blame the players as the game itself is so engaging that the game lovers do not wish to miss playing it even for a single day. With a lot of players looking for cheats and hacks, many companies are making Pokemon go hack iOS and androids available online and they are easy to download and install. Still, many players believe in learning the game and playing it without using any cheats or hacks.

While playing the Pokémon Go game, at a particular point, you will have to join any one team out of three. Once you decide and join a team, you will get the access to allocate the Pokémon you caught successfully to open various Gym locations. Like Pokestops, you can find Gyms at real locations all over the world. Each player is allowed to position only one Pokémon at a specific Gym, so you should work together with your team members to develop a strong defense.

If your opponent team has claimed a particular Gym, you can confront them by using Pokémon you have to fight the defending Pokémon. The battles are going to be fun as well as challenging. You can choose from the Pokémon you have to join in. Each Pokémon are assigned two attacks and it can avoid the attacks of defending Pokémon, if you swipe right or left. In case your Pokémon turns out to be the winner, then the prestige of the Gym decreases. In case the prestige of the Gym comes down to zero, the defending team will lose its control over the Gym. In such cases you can take charge of it by allocating a Pokémon for defending it.


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